How can I set up an EV Charging Point at Home for my personal use in India?

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Income-tax Act, 1961-2021

If you look for a more sophisticated way of an EV life, then installing a home EV charging station is in your best interests.
Why? You might ask.
With an EV charging point at home,
  • You can control and monitor the charging
  • You can meter the usage of electricity.
  • Provides additional safety when compared to portable chargers.
  • Adaptive to almost all ev designs, unlike portable chargers which are only adaptive to its company evs. (Or you could use some money providing its service to your ev owning neighbors if you want.)

So that makes personal EV charging(AC Type 2 Charging) facility more convenient and in vogue.

Currently, AC Type 2 chargers with charging capacities ranging from 7.4KW to 22KW are available in the market. You can decide on the capacity you need by assessing your daily travel routine. Once you made up your mind on what charging capacity you want to go for, call an electrician over for the electrical assessment to check if your electrical installation has the capacity to operate the charger you decided. If not, upgrade your electric system.

Now that you are ready for the EV charging installation, connect with an authentic EV charging solution provider near you. Celltric is the most prominent EV solution provider in India. They are the first private company to install an EV charging point in Wayanad, Kerala.

Installation of the Type 2 Charging system requires professional assistance. It can be done with the help of an electrician using a manual. I would suggest hiring an EV charging solution provider. The overall cost may vary from 50k to 90k per device depending on the capacity.

I hope this answers your question.
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